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Why Using Silicone Based Baby Products are Environment Friendly?

By on Jun 1, 2020 in Blog, Eco Feeding, Shopping Guides | 0 comments

Why Using Silicone Based Baby Products are Environment Friendly?


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Being a new parent comes with the added responsibility of the decisions and choices we make about meeting our baby’s needs. we are surrounded with so many options in terms of quality of products and often plastic is cheaper than any other materials.

so why has it become more important to consider alternative options like silicone based baby products rather than plastic based products?

So here are some very important facts about silicone.

Silicone is predominantly made out of silicon. Silicon is a natural element found in sand and rock. So its more abundant, naturally available on earth. Plastic is man made and made out of oil non-renewable resources.

Secondly Silicone is non toxic and does not contain any BPA, lead, PVC or phthalates. This makes silicone more environment friendly too!

Silicone is also highly durable which means can be used for longer and be recycled again. It is an inert material which means it is chemically stable and does not reach with food or drink under normal conditions. This helps keep food and drink refreshed all the time for your baby.

We know how time is pressed when you are juggling housework with caring you your baby. Silicone baby products will save you more time and energy because they are very easy to clean in dishwasher, heat in microwave or oven up to 240 degrees or chill in the freezer.

Hence preparing, storing, serving and cleaning baby food is a breeze giving you peace of mind at each meal time.

So why make it cheap when you can get high quality toxic free affordable silicone baby feeding products from weanmeister including freezer pods, Adora Feeding Bowls, and Silicone Bibs.

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