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Why Self Care Is Important For Mums!

By on Apr 4, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Why Self Care Is Important For Mums!

I have recently been reading Mindful Parenting by Kristen Race where she offers simple solutions for raising creative, engaged and happy kids. A key awareness that stood out for me was when she mentioned that our generation is “GENERATION STRESS”! There are always constant demands, stimulation and constant buzz that’s significantly impacting our wellbeing. In her words ” Our ridiculously demanding schedules, an ever-increasing pressure to perform, look perfect and be perfect; and you basically have a recipe for anxiety, depression or a total emotional breakdown.”

This information is alarming and I have been there myself, when days go quickly at a rapid pace and I can sense an overwhelming sense of tension coming up! My early cues are my irritability, general flat mood, fatigue and less time that I make for things that have pleasure or meaning for me.

Have you been there too? What cues have you noticed in your self?

Kristen Race further writes ” These stressors are not impacting only us, however, that’s where our kids come in. Stress in highly contagious, so it makes sense that a generation of stressed out parents is raising a generation of stressed out kids.” These is a confronting information, know that how our constant being in stress is setting the stage for our little ones to expect this high level of tension in their lives.

This pinpoints us to the one thing that can help manage this chronic issue we all are facing today as mums. And this is about SELF CARE! We need to accept that we can’t do it all at the cost of our wellbeing and the lack of time concept we have got caught into. And I am learning about this, just as you are. We are on the same boat!

So what are things you can introduce on a daily basis towards your self care?

What’s going to be your pausing moment where you can engage with your self more mindfully, to relax and unwind and nurture your self?

At Mum Ok Baby Ok, we recently expanded our mums range to include Her Belly Organic teas for a peaceful tea experience resting your self and the Himalayan Bath Salts to help calm your body and muscles following a long day. These simple activities will ease the daily pressures and revive you with positive emotions which in turn helps you to be the Mum you want to be!

So take some time today to think about your self care plan following reading this article. You will find range for mums by clicking on https://mumokbabyok.com.au/product-category/mum/

Love & Light,

Anasua C. Roy


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