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Why Organic?

Organic products are free of toxins, chemicals and GMO’s. As a first time mum, you want to have conscious peace of mind about using products that are safe and natural. Organic products offer your baby the purest form of nourishment. Did you know that organic food offers more antioxidants than regular farmed foods? Babies are at a higher risk of absorbing pesticides, because their bodies are too young to break it down. A 2003 Washington university study of children’s diets showed, those who ate organic food have six times lower levels of pesticides in their bodies than those who did not.

Our skin also absorbs products we use, through our pores. Research has shown that many harmful synthetic preservatives can be easily stored in our bodies for a long time, and babies are most sensitive to that. Hence, by choosing to buy organic cotton and organic skincare, you are reducing baby’s exposure to harmful chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides. Organic cotton is hypoallergenic, very gentle and soft on baby’s skin. This is an added bonus, causing no risk of allergies or irritation.

Gift Your Baby the Pure Power of Nature

Organic products are respected and loved for their purity. We stock affordable handpicked and tested organic products from $8  to $100, so you and baby have the safe space you need to bond and thrive. Discover what organic can do for you and your baby, and pay attention to the difference in colour, taste, feel, look, and sensation. Give yourself and your bub the gift of pure wellness to experience more joy and energy in your life.

Please take a moment to read my story, to see why I’ve made it my mission to help other first-time mums connect with their babies, and help raise them into healthy, joyful adults.

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