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Anasua's Story

What Is The Benefit Of Organic Baby Products? Read Anasua’s Story

Here you are. You are on your way to deliver the most precious being in your life but feeling unsure about not knowing enough in giving your baby most natural, toxic free and nourished beginnings?

Or you already have your baby in your caring arms who melts your heart every time he/she gurgles and waahhs, but for some reasons things haven’t worked exactly to plan (do they ever?). You tirelessly seek to find efficient ways to ensure safety & protection for your baby, that’s closest to mother nature in purity, health & goodness and assist bub’s growth & development; but it’s extremely hard to find!!!

At the same time, you’re desperately trying to get a grip at first-time motherhood or even becoming a mum again: If only you could organize your days into something resembling normality (just like back in the days when you were rocking the workforce, and had more luxury of time).

Hi, I’m Anasua C. Roy, founder of Mum Ok Baby Ok. And I’m here to tell you: you’re not alone and you are not losing control. You’re simply lost, due to overwhelming information overload. I have a feeling that prenatal classes didn’t prepare you for this.

They didn’t prepare me enough either and this is why I’ve made it my mission to help new mums like YOU assure the safety and happiness of their baby and family, by empowering them to make smarter choices & offering carefully Handpicked Organic Eco products for their growing baby’s needs, that’s easy to find & conveniently delivered.

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My Search for Answers… I became a first time mum in 2012. And underwent a significant life transition from being a Psychologist in private practice to a full time caregiver… My son experienced reflux, sleep issues, teething problems, very dry & sensitive skin, difficulties moving on from breastfeeding to bottlefeeding & much more over the course of his babyhood.

In his first few months, I felt lost & unsure at many times, because I didn’t know what would help him recover, replenish and settle in natural ways to overcome those concerns. The several visits to the doctor or childhood clinic didn’t offer the solutions we needed.

With my curiosity and desperation, I soon discovered many of the products I was using for my baby were loaded with toxins, chemicals, petroleum, GMO’s and parabens (the primary reasons why some of those issues were not getting resolved easily). Secondly, the harm it potentially was causing the environment we live in (toxic fumes from cleaning products, more landfill due to regular nappies adding to waste that takes years to degrade etc.)

From that point on, I became incredibly conscious about SAFETY, NOURISHMENT of my baby & his upbringing in a cleaner sustainable environment. I strongly persisted to find natural, toxic FREE solutions because my son deserved the very best there was to give.

I wanted products that nurture my bub, support his wellbeing and his surrounding.

I had to learn to trust my decisions and this time as a MUM… Because I knew that if I am OK, my baby would THRIVE..

I had to give myself permission to stretch outside my comfort zone and try new things, research & seek new products that were not easily visible in supermarket, pharmacies or baby stores even though it was frustrating and overwhelming at times to find them.

Within a few months of using organic products that I sourced from different places in particular for skincare, formula and clothing, I noticed a positive change in his health & his coping through the day.

He looked happier, healthier, more settled and a joy to be around. With confidence I shifted to more Organic Eco essentials with each developmental milestone including eco nappies, chlorine free wipes, organic sheets and towels, organic porridges, Eco Feeding system and much more.

And every Organic Eco decision I made, I was highly satisfied & amazed with the benefits of protection, wellbeing and durability of every product. Even more exciting was to learn that some of the organic brands were created by mums who had firsthand experience similar to what I had been through.

I founded Mum Ok Baby Ok in 2014 to help first time mums experience more EMPOWERMENT, CONSCIOUS CHOICE & give the CONVENIENCE of easy shopping of premium Handpicked Organic Eco products that’s DELIVERED TO YOUR DOORSTEP!!!

Our mission is simple: Mum Ok Baby Ok strongly believes in giving your bub the most joyful, happy and safe babyhood possible. We are committed to excellence in being One-stop-shop for all your baby’s needs and offering timely service with our delivery Australia wide & internationally.

We strive to make your life easier, and help you lower the pressures of dealing with evolving needs of your baby, so you can concentrate on what matters. We source carefully selected (and tested) Natural, Eco & Organic products from finest brands to give you peace of mind.

Your bub deserves the best possible start to a pure, safe and nurturing life and we promise to be your anchor of support in your parenting journey. We take our responsibility and your trust seriously and we are proud to support amazing mums like you, who value the health and wellbeing of your little one.

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