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Switch to natural for baby starting solids. There is a reason we say ‘mother nature’

By on Jul 28, 2020 in Blog, Eco Feeding | 0 comments

Switch to natural for baby starting solids.  There is a reason we say ‘mother nature’


Caring for your baby is one of the most gratifying experiences any parent can have, and we know you want to look after your little one in the best possible way. Organic and nontoxic baby care products take care of this need very safely.

When it comes to starting solids for your baby, you would require tableware that is practical and safe. Plastic products can have BPA, phthalates, and lead in them.  There are studies showing that plastic, even if it is BPA free, still leaches harmful chemicals.

While you are excited to introduce new tastes and flavors to your bub, we totally understand it might be really challenging to prepare baby food as per their meal timing. Keeping that in mind, weanmeister have designed baby products like freezer pods, bowls, plates and bibs made with Silicone.


Mum Ok Baby Ok caters to providing the best possible solution for your needs which is safe for baby and also easy on the environment. We know how important it is for your you to leave behind a better planet for your precious baby.

Weanmeister products are also heat resistant and freezer safe. You can efficiently freeze fresh food or make warm food in oven up to 240 degrees. All these products are durable, easy to clean, bacteria resistant, easy to hold, soft and smooth to touch.

Weanmeister freezer pods contain nine ideal portion sizes for the baby; 9 x 75 ml = 675 ml, and also comes with clips on the lid to prevent freezer burn.

Introduce baby solids with Fruits and vegetable purees which contain nutrition and at the same time are easy on the tummy.  Add colors and new flavors for their growing taste buds and make meal times more fun. You may start with a sweet carrot puree.

Sweet Carrot puree recipe:

This homemade carrot baby food puree is an easy & healthy recipe for your baby. Only 2 ingredients (organic carrots & water) means that it’s naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, & vegan with no preservatives, food coloring or additives!

We rely on using either whole organic carrots or organic baby carrots. Using the latter cuts out the peeling step, which saves a lot of time in the process! We recommend removing peel to avoid dirt, pesticides or other unwanted contaminants that could be living on the outside of the carrots. And of course, always wash the carrots before using them in this organic baby food carrots recipe!

Boil the carrots to bring out their natural sweetness.

Make a silky smooth puree by blending the carrots, add some water for better results. As your baby grows it’s important to introduce them to more texture, so leave it a little chunkier.

Make a large batch and freeze them in Weanmeister freezer pods. Then let the baby food freeze.

Pop a pod out during mealtime into a Weanmister adora bowl and simply warm it in the microwave for about 60 seconds on high. Stir and test the temperature to be sure it isn’t too warm, then feed your baby!

Save time on multiple preparations of baby food and spend more time with your little bundle of joy. For a happier baby, add Weanmeister Bibs, Freezer Pods Spoons and Adora Bowls to your basket today by clicking below.



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