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Top 5 reasons Why Eco Moltex nappies Is An Amazing Alternative To Generic Nappies

By on Mar 21, 2018 in Blog, Shopping Guides | 0 comments

Top 5 reasons Why  Eco Moltex nappies Is An Amazing Alternative To Generic Nappies

It’s a steep learning when we become a parent, including what daily essentials bub needs on a regular basis; a very important one being nappies. Nappies are easily available in supermarket, pharmacies and local shops. But its often hard to know which nappies are best to buy for newborns or which nappies are most absorbent?

As you spend endless days nappy change after nappy change, the most frustrating thing is when you have to clean up soiled nappies, or nappies that have leaked overnight, or when you just stepped out of your car and noticed a big spill within a few hours of changing.

It gets more harsh when your bub develops nappy rash and simply looks uncomfortable with the material of the nappy;  making baby feel unsettled.

As a new mum, I have been through the same concerns, and have trailed and tested several big brands. There are many reasons why Moltex Nappies stand out to be an amazing alternative to generic nappies and also for those mums who just find maintenance of cloth nappies too hard. Here are a few insights I am excited to share with you, which will give you peace of mind in choosing the best nappy for your baby.

Moltex is World’s first Eco nappy, German engineered to outperform all others. As a brand, it’s core values are about Reducing carbon footprint with ‘carbon neutral’s’ Plant-a-Tree program and Sponsors ‘Trees for Life’ Australian native bushland regeneration program.

Here are top 5 reasons why Moltex Nappies is the best choice for baby’s growing years!

It is Hypoallergenic: Moltex nappies are free from harsh TBT, antioxidants, lotions and perfumes. It’s fragrance FREE natures supports baby’s skin and protects them from allergies. This means that on a regular basis, you are reducing the exposure of harmful chemicals for your bub, and making stay in nappies easy and relaxed versus itchy.

Comfort Fit: It offers comfort for newborn umbilical cord, preventing risk of any excessive skin dryness. The elastic waist band ensures a perfect fit, preventing risk of leakage. It’s completely breathable cloths protection film adds makes bub feel settled and relaxed. As baby starts to move around on their little toes, it will offer the stretch fit needed as bub explores physical surrounding easily from standing up to crawling, bending, walking and running.

It’s Highly Absorbent: Moltex nappies are known to be strongly absorbent and be able to prevent leakages. It’s made with 3 layered absorber, for fast absorption. Moltex eco nappies contain a mix of wood pulp and polyacrylate. Polyacrylate is a super absorbent polymer (SAP) which will soak up and hold large quantities of water. AP significantly improves the absorbency of the nappies.

A nappy which does not contain SAP will not have the same ability to keep your baby dry. This means that either the baby is left with a wet bottom or more nappies will be required and subsequently disposed of. Moltex Nappies also contain added tea leaf extracts that help bind the odorous substances together.

It’s made with 40% Biodgredable materials: Extra soft non-woven cover is made with biodegradable renewable raw materials. The outer protective layer of the Moltex Eco nappy is 100% biodegradable and the inner layer is 40% biodegradable.  The inner core of the nappies are compostable and have been composted successfully for many years, protection on environment of waste in the future.

Prevents Nappy Rash: Moltex nappies uses high quality biodegradable hypoallergenic materials, which significantly reduces the risk of developing nappy rash for bubs. Its safe to use with bubs with delicate skin or at risk of eczema, as it protects the skin from excessive dryness or itchiness. Combining nappy change rituals with biodegradable wipes from Wotnot and Organic Nappy cream from Lovekins Skincare will ensure nourishment in every nappy change.

If you recently birthed your infant or are simply dissatisfied with nappies you tried before, its never too late to make the switch.

At Mum Ok Baby Ok, we endeavour to make delivery convenient to your doorstep of nappies and wipes with our organic baby box service. Simply choose the size you want to subscribe, and we deliver it monthly to you on a chosen date, so you never run out of nappies and wipes. If the size of your nappy changes at any time, simply let us know and we will send you the right size.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Organic Baby Box subscription for Moltex Nappies.

Note like any other nappy, Moltex nappies also need changing every 3-4 hours.  It’s a high quality Green Brand Award winning nappy that will ensure complete dryness for bub’s bottoms during that period of time.

Get freedom of taking your baby more outdoors without feeling stressed or worrying about nappy change.

CLICK HERE to explore the range of Eco Nappies.

For any further queries, email us on info@mumokbabyok.com.au

If you found this article helpful, simply share this article with your mum friends or those expecting a baby soon.

Love & Light,

Anasua Roy

Founder, Mum Ok Baby Ok.

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