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Top 3 Non-Toxic Bath Time Essentials for your baby

By on Sep 26, 2017 in Blog, Shopping Guides | 0 comments

Top 3 Non-Toxic Bath Time Essentials for your baby

Bath time is a important ritual with bubs. Excessive skin dryness could lead to eczema and irritations. When I had started bathing my son in infancy, I was alarmed by his skin reaction to a generic product I was using from regular supermarket shelf. 

The medicated creams were loaded with petroleum and had a terrible foul smell. I could not imagine continuing to apply chemicals on my son’s sensitive body. My frustrations led to my discovery of toxic free natural bathing experience with organic baby products that are gentle, nourishing for my Bub.  I wanted to share top 3 non toxic bath essentials with you in this week’s blog so you don’t have to do the runaround looking for most safest products for your baby. 

No.1: Organic Baby Wash for gentle cleanse during bath time.

Organic baby wash from Gaia and Little innoscents contain no pretrochemicals or any harsh toxins, make it very safe to use. Gentlly cleanses baby’s delicate body with natural ingredients like sweet orange, cherry coconut, spearmint, lavender and aloe vera. These amazing organic baby wash help to replenish and hydrate skin that will leave baby’s body smelling fresh and radiant.

It contains plant based fatty alcohols and glucose (corn starch) to offer a mild and gentle lathers that gives us bubbles without nasty sulphates and because it does not dry the skin it is ideal for the formulation of this bath and shower gel. Ideal to use daily on any skin type, even the most sensitive, and beautifully pH balanced to ensure it doesn’t strip away the body’s natural oils. This wash is gentle and safe to use from top to toe in one easy step.


No. 2: Organic Baby Bath Towel For drying after bath


Organic bath towel by Breganwood Organics are free of harmful toxins, artificial colors or preservatives. This makes them very safe for gentle & delicate bodies of bubs, reducing risk of eczema, allergies or skin dryness. It will make baby feel protected and comforted after every bath. An important essential for fun bath times.

Very soft to touch, these generous hooded towels for bath and beach are designed to wrap completely around your little one after bath or even a swim. Each towel has a inbuilt hood. Machine wash and dry, and gets softer with every wash.


No.3: Organic Baby Moisturiser to soothe baby’s skin



Free of mineral parabens and chemicals, organic baby moisturiser from little innoscents, gaia and lovekins protect skin and help retain skins key nutrients. with key ingredients like kakadu plum, quandong, ylang, ylang, shea butter, certified organic chamomile, certified organic avocado oil, certified organic sweet orange. It will leave baby’s skin extra soft and smooth reducing the risk of flakiness after bath.


Click here to explore more organic skincare for bath time. Most safest option right from birth and through early childhood.

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Love & Light,

Anasua Roy

Founder, Mum Ok Baby Ok

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