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Starting Solids For Your Baby? See Top 5 Essentials In Getting Ready For Bubs’ Feeding

By on Mar 11, 2019 in Blog, Eco Feeding, Shopping Guides | 0 comments

Starting Solids For Your Baby? See Top 5 Essentials In Getting Ready For Bubs’ Feeding

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Starting solids for your baby? Choosing the healthiest foods for your Bub as you start introducing solids could mean a whole new learning for you as a new mum. It’s also great to offer bubs different types of food that help grow their taste buds and different palates.

Recent research studies suggest that choosing organic and local market foods can reduce the risk of synthetic chemicals and pesticides exposure in foods. Organic foods also have greater amounts of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Making your own fresh food for baby will also ensure more nutrition compared to packaged food. Baby’s delicate bodies will find it easier to breakdown and digest foods that are safer and fresh.

At Mum Ok Baby Ok, we understand that it could be time consuming to prepare fresh baby food everyday. Meal times can also be too messy with the spills and more washing up!

Keeping theses challenges in mind, we have handpicked products from Eco Brands Weanmeister and Replay that will make day-day meals fun and easy as you transition your baby into solids.

Weanmeister uses BPA Free Silicone in feeding products that help store freshly made baby food and serve with convenience.

Our Replay product range further adds to growing independence of Bub’s eating and supporting their fun and joy of learning  variety of foods with different textures and tastes.

Both brands are Eco freindly, Free of BPA and toxic chemicals making them safer for bubs than generic plastic products. Products can be used from 6 months to 3 years of age!

Here are top 5 essentials for meals times for bubs:

1. Feeding Bowls:

Weanmeister Adora Bowls 


Made with Silicone, the Weanmeister Adora bowls won’t snap like plastic. Silicone is a safe, soft and modern material to use for feeding babies.You can efficiently freeze fresh food or make warm food in oven up to 240 degrees! Save time and money and create nourished meals for baby easily.


Replay Bowls:

Re-Play Bowls are perfect for soups, snacks and cereal. This deep bowl can hold enough food for even the hungriest baby and toddler. Not only are they better for holding food efficiently, they are better for your environment as they are made from FDA approved recycled plastic.

Dishwasher safe, BPA-free and tested for safety, highly Durable and strong.


2. Weinmeister Freezer Pods


We know how important it is for mums to serve high quality nutritious for your baby. When baby is starting solids, you want to offer a variety of delicious tastes and flavours. This is made easy with functional, user friendly, and durable weanmeister freezer pods containing Nine ideal portion sizes for baby-9 x 75 ml = 675 ml.

You can efficiently freeze fresh food or make warm food in oven upto 240 degrees.


3. Replay Divided Plates and Flat plates

The Replay divided plate’s deep walls are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves. The ample sections of these colorful plates provide plenty of room for any mealtime combination. Different types of food in colorful plates makes feeding times filled with fun & pleasure for little ones, making it easy & convenient for mums on the go. You will experience comfort in knowing your baby enjoys variety of foods with different tastes and textures on the same plate, an important development for growing bubs. Replay flat plates are also available in a variety of colors to satisfy growing little tummies.


4. Weanmister Bibs

Get Comfortable, waterproof bibs for every meal time. Easy rinse bibs saving you tons of washing!! Made with highly durable Silicone. It’s Adjustable Neck- fits from 6 months to 3 years!

They also protects baby’s cloth from food and drink. It’s uniquely designed crumbed tray helps to catch food, giving your baby a second chance to eat!


5. Replay Forks and Spoons

Replay colorful forks and spoons are perfect for little ones learning to feed themselves. Spoons with a deep scoop and forks with durable, rounded tips are just some of the features that will benefit your hungry baby or toddler. BPA Free and made with recycled milk containers.


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