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Osteopathy For Heartburn & Pelvic Pain in Pregnancy- By Dr. Sharon Franklin

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Article by Dr. Sharon Franklin, 11th Nov  2015, www.northshoreoesteopaths.com.au

Did you know that osteopathic treatment may help relieve heartburn during pregnancy?

Did you also know that quite often you get heartburn and pelvic pain together?

The diameter of a woman’s rib cage is meant to expand by up to 9cm over the course of her pregnancy, to make room for the baby.

For this to happen, she needs a nice flexible ribcage and a happy, stretchy diaphragm. The diaphragm is not only the main breathing muscle, but it also has the food pipe pass through it to get to the stomach. Any tightedness through the lower ribs and the diaphragm can not only worsen heartburn, but can also reduce room for baby.

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As the baby grows and the uterus expands, if the diaphragm and lower ribs don’t lift up and out of the way, the baby has to stay low and find room in the pelvis. This increases the load on mums pelvis and means we often see heartburn and pelvic pain go hand in hand.


Dr. Sharon Franklin can help you with heartburn and pelvic pain and you can ring 0299078919 for appointments.

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