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Guest Interview with Naomi Gora, Founder of Lift Magazine for single mums.

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I am so excited to publish this interview with Naomi Gora, Founder of Lift Magazine for single mums!!! Its been a pleasure knowing her and doing this interview with her. Naomi’s Lift Magazine is truly  empowering for single mums. It gives hope and inspiration to women around the world going through a crisis in their relationships while caring for their children. Her experience speaks of her courage and faith that she displayed  using her own story in creating meaning and support for other mums in need going through a difficult time.


Love & Light,

Anasua C. Roy

Founder, Mum Ok Baby Ok

Following is the interview with Naomi Gora, Life Magazine!

Tell us about lift magazine and it’s vision?

Lift Magazine is the e-magazine for any mum flying solo. We offer practical advice on separation and divorce as well as articles on healing, wellness, self development, managing grief and finding personal empowerment among other things. We also share real-life stories from single mums who have faced difficult circumstances and still rebuilt their lives in positive ways. Anything to do with separation and divorce, we grab it, talk about it and bring it out into the open! We have a private online support group as well and we’re running a child-friendly healing trek to Nepal in November which I’m really excited about. We now have readers all around the world and I often receive emails expressing surprise and thanks because it seems there’s nothing else quite like it out there for single mums. My vision for Lift Magazine is to be a ‘soft place to land’ for every newly single mum, to give them hope that there can be a happy ending to the challenges they’re facing, and to give them some sort of road map to get there. I hope Lift helps to create a world where single mums are proud of their single mum status and they feel empowered to rebuild their lives in a positive way.

What led you to start the magazine?

When I first became a single mum, I decided to give myself 365 days to recover and I documented every day in my blog ‘365 Days – A Diary of a Newly Single Mum’. Very unexpectedly, it started to gather quite a following and people would email me to tell me that they were going through almost exactly the same experience, that they were feeling everything I was feeling and that my blog was the only positive story they’d found about being a single mum and navigating through divorce. This baffled me, and so I started searching the internet for positive stories about being a single mum and life after divorce and I couldn’t find any either. I thought ‘How is there not a place to be uplifted and given hope that all can be ok after such a massive life changing event?’. My professional background is in graphic design, writing and magazines, and so I decided to start Lift Magazine to be a positive and uplifting resource for single mums to know that even on their darkest days, it can all still be ok.

How would mums benefit from subscribing to your magazine?

Through my blog and magazine I’ve been fortunate enough to meet so many amazing single mums as well as health and wellness professionals, coaches, psychologists and lawyers who all who have a passion for making the process of separation and divorce as easy as it possibly can be (and we know there’s not often a lot of ‘easy’ when it comes to separation and divorce!) while also minimising the trauma it can cause to all parties involved. It’s my mission to work with those mums and professionals to bring readers information that will help them on their journey of recovery, help them move through their pain and anger, and ultimately rebuild the best life they can for themselves as well as their children.

On a personal level, how do you overcome challenges as a single mum?

I’ve learned to go with the flow! I can’t do everything, life isn’t as simple or unrestricted as it used to be, I will make mistakes, it will get overwhelming. I do not beat myself up and I do not feel guilty when that happens. I do the best I can every day and if I get to the end of the day and think ‘Geez, I really screwed it all up today’, I try to do better the next day. Oh, and I laugh and listen to music! The best thing you can do when everything’s turned into a pile of poop is to crank up the tunes and dance with your little ones or watch some silly videos on You Tube together… Then regroup to fight the good fight again the next day.

One thing you would like to share with a mum going through a similar life situation?

It doesn’t matter what has happened to you, every moment you can choose to rise above it and turn it into a new positive future.

In what way does our message ‘Mum Ok Baby Ok’ resonate with you?

Not long after my separation, I started to notice that if I was having an ok day, my son would too, but if I was stressed and having a bad day, he’d be unsettled, grumpy and difficult. I was really amazed at how much he could pick up on it, even if I was trying to hide it from him! It made me think of that old flight safety analogy – that in the case of an emergency you should always fit your oxygen mask before you fit your child’s. That stuck with me and it gave me the motivation and determination to fight through my pain and figure out how to be a calm, mindful and well person despite my situation, so I could be a calm, mindful and well mum – and it really has made a difference, my son really is such a joy to parent.

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