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Guest Interview With Martina Sheehan & Susan Pearse, Founders Of Mindgardener

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It’s only been a month since the launch of Mum Ok Baby Ok!!! I am so excited about so many new mums across Australia visiting our website, liking our facebook page and loving our range of organic products. THANK YOU for your generous support !!! We want to know more about what your feedback and please drop us a note via contact us page!

For this month’s blog, We are delighted to publish guest interview with Martina Sheehan and Susan Pearse , the authors of Wired for Life: Retrain your Brain and Thrive and the Founders of Mind Gardener. They have been showing people how to change the way they think for over 15 years and they run corporate leadership programs, public workshops, and create practical ways for people to cultivate their minds and change their lives. See their online programs, Guides and app at www.mindgardener.com

At Mum Ok Baby Ok, Get EMPOWERED with new featured article of the month “Emotional tie with baby…why attachment is important?” By Georgina Anderson, well known Counsellor & Psychotherapist and member of our expert panel.

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ENJOY reading and experience more confidence in your thoughts and choices you make for your baby, including choosing the ORGANIC way of life. 

Love & Light,

Anasua XX

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BB Guide with cards

What is the concept of mind gardener?

Everything you think, learn, see and do shapes your brain and changes your life. In fact your brain is constantly changing, and there is no limit to what you can grow if you put your mind to it. The key to creating the life you want is to give attention to the things that matter most, and make conscious choices about what you cultivate. We encourage people to wake up every morning and remind themselves “I am a mind gardener. What will I cultivate today?” But it’s not easy to keep this top of mind when you are busy and distracted by daily life. So through our books, apps, online programs and workshops we offer simple tips, ideas and exercises that can help people keep their focus on the things they want to grow in their life.

Tell us about bump-baby guides and what it involves?

The Bump to Baby Guide helps parents plant the seeds for a lifetime of mindful parenting. It contains 30 cards that each explain a piece of research about a baby’s developing brain, and then offer a simple activity a parent can start practicing to create the very best environment for their child. Half of the cards are designed to be used during pregnancy,, and the other half help parents in the first 15 weeks with a newborn. Use each card for 1 week then move to the next one. The cards can be used by parents and others supporting the new baby. They not only provide vital insight for parents, but help them start this new journey as a parent in their best state of mind. A baby’s developing brain changes most dramatically in the first few years of life, and being particularly attentive in guiding them through this will make all the difference to their whole life.

How do thoughts impact the mind of a mum to be/first time mum?

Thoughts drive our actions. If your thoughts are captured by worries, fears, or what-ifs, it can be difficult to create a positive and nourishing environment for yourself or a new baby. Unfortunately the part of the brain that deals with negative thoughts is faster and bigger than the part that dwells on positives. So it takes more conscious and intentional focus to build the world you want around you. What you focus on grows, so bringing to mind the things that help you flourish like purpose, healthy mindsets, gratitude, and your strengths must be given the space to grow. Choosing your thoughts is a powerful skill, and it’s one that does need regular practice.

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In what way would the bump-baby guide empower new mums in trusting their instinct in making choices and decisions for their baby?

The Bump to Baby Guide gives new mums the skills to set aside all the things that can get in the way of seeing the real need for their baby and their own family’s new life together. In a world of too much noise, conflicting advice, and growing causes for concern, it can be hard to take the time for connecting with your own deeper intuition. Clear, open and generous attention is the greatest gift you can give to others, and also to yourself. Make time to break through the clutter of a busy life and listen to the quiet but steadying voice within. Unfortunately most people only learn this lesson after making all sorts of choices for reasons of popular opinion, guilt, or habit, then saying afterward “I knew I shouldn’t have done that.” The Bump to Baby Guide helps parents build this deeper confidence before the new baby comes.

In what ways do thoughts influence a new mum’s thinking and consciousness about things that are safe, natural and organic?

We cannot help but be influenced by what we see and hear. And there is no more confusing time than the arrival of a new baby. Conflicting advice is the only certainty! And it just tells us that everyone’s experience can be slightly different. What works for one, may not be perfect for another. Your best guide is your own clear connection with your baby, and your instinctive response to the needs that you sense in every moment. Your baby’s pureness is a gift to be nurtured, and making healthy choices for them and yourself along this journey together will maintain the natural goodness we are all born to experience. But no matter what choices you make along the way, if your decisions and actions come from a place of clear attention, genuine care, and full love, they will be healthy and nourishing. Enjoy the journey!


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