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Tips for Self Care During Pregnancy- Anasua Chakrabarti Roy, Psychologist & Psychotherapist

By Anasua Chakrabarti Roy
Psychologist & Psychotherapist

You have just discovered you are pregnant and it’s beginning of exciting times! It’s going to be special in every way, as you step into a new journey into becoming a new mum. Your body is changing rapidly to support your growing baby.  Physical exhaustion, doctor visits, making decisions about products, and a general sense of anxiety of how everything is going to pan out could sometimes leaves you feeling overwhelmed!

Sounds familiar??

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Here are my top 5 tips for self care during pregnancy:

Setting a relaxation time:

Setting up a relaxation time during your day will help ensure your daily wellbeing. A minimum of 30 minutes, away from any media, phone or TV.  A quite time listening to music, reading a book, going for a walk, having a cup of organic tea or soaking into a warm gentle bath will help you feel rejuvenate and replenished.


There are amazing benefits of meditation, even with 10 minutes a day. Physically, Its helps reduce cortisol levels in your body. Deeper breathing slows down your autonomic nervous system reducing any form of emotional distress. Free Apps such as Mind the Bump & Stop-Breathe-Think are useful tools to help you practice meditation.

Self reflection:

Reflecting on your emotions will cue you into what you need. Listen to your feelings and respond by taking action. For instance, if you are feeling frustrated of not being able to spend much time with your partner, being aware of this frustration will help you to then communicate this desire for closeness . Self awareness helps to build more insight and inner fulfillment, as you learn to nurture and nourish your Self. Maintaining a pregnancy journal is a great way to invest some time writing about your experiences and gaining some clarity within of your evolving needs. Engaging with a Psychologist or a midwife will also support you through your growing awareness.

Sleep and rest:

Sleep is such an important factor during pregnancy to help you thrive through this period. Resting your body physically will make you feel more recharged. More sleep gives you increased energy in coping with the demands of changes your body is undergoing in pregnancy which in turn supports your emotional wellbeing. Maintaining a sleep routine one hour before going to bed will ensure adequate sleep. This includes changing into comfortable clothes, listening to sleep meditation, resting in bed connecting with your baby’s movements can all help you unwind, leading you to sleep well.

Resetting your expectations:

Often as women we are used to be in the Doing mode and tend to set very high expectations of ourselves in the different roles we play in our life. Pregnancy is a time to re-evaluate how realistic those expectations are, including work, home chores, finances, social commitments etc. It’s about learning to prioritize your self, without feeling guilty or self absorbed. It’s OK  & IMPORTANT to focus on your wellness. If mum is Ok, your baby will be ok and be Thriving in your womb!

See video link below summarizing this article http://youtu.be/m53_9S4TjZg

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