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Trust Vs Mistrust: Does your baby develop trust from infancy? by Anasua Chakrabarti Roy, Psychologist & Psychotherapist

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Trust Vs Mistrust: Does your baby develop trust from infancy?  by Anasua Chakrabarti Roy, Psychologist & Psychotherapist

By Anasua Chakrabarti Roy
Psychologist & Founder of Mum Ok Baby Ok


Does your Baby’s ability to form trust develops from the time they are born? This developmental milestone has an important role for your baby’s capacity in understanding who are her true caregivers. Well known developmental Psychologist Erickson described this important stage in his work on life span development and coined the first 2 years as Trust vs Mistrust Stage. Much of this development revolves around issues regarding the self in relation to others. It also helps babies from early on to form a template of hope in relationships, the belief that they can fulfill their needs and obtain their desires.


So how do you help your baby develop trust? The answer lies in simple fact that babies need consistent and responsive caregiving. Every time you respond with love and care towards your baby’s distress, feeding, tiredness and need for connection, you are developing trust. Your baby learns that she can rely on her mum, dad or any other caregiver, and this in turn helps baby feel emotionally secure within.


This trusting template will also help your baby to form reliable relationships when they grow up, with their friendships, partner and hence developing a world of positive interactions with people. On the other hand, if mistrust predominates, children will view the world as unfriendly and unpredictable and will find it difficult to form stable relationships.


Tips to be more responsive to your baby:

– More eye contact and gaze responding to your baby’s signals.

– Talking to your baby as you move through different experiences with your baby including nappy changing, play time.

– Touch, cuddling and kiss when baby appears in distress to comfort and provide security.

– Keeping a nurturing and compassionate tone of voice in dealing with your bub.

– Managing your own level of exhaustion and anxiety as a parent. The more relaxed you are, the more confident you will feel in navigating your baby’s needs.


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