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About Us

About Us

We have a vision to make mum ok baby ok the best possible Australian-based organic online store for mothers wanting to give their baby the most natural organic start to life. We want to turn this website into a buzzing community for first-time mothers like you – and show you that you’re not losing control.

You just need a place to recharge your batteries to help you raise your baby and support you to help nurture your mummy instincts; making smart conscious choices towards wellbeing of your baby, that is toxic free and chemical free!

Our search for answers has led us down this path. And we are committed to walking it for as long as it takes.

We see so many misconceptions about organic products in the marketplace and less awareness about it’s positive influences in the lifestyle of modern families.

We feel privileged for having had an opportunity to discover how organic products affect our health. We have seen firsthand how organic products have remarkable benefits to baby’s health and wellbeing.

We have a vision for this website to become a strong voice for all new first-time mums – to help them make empowered choices and gracefully raise their babies into young, healthy and prosperous adults.


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