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5 Natural Tips To Improve Baby Sleep At Night

By on Aug 27, 2017 in Baby Sleep, Blog, Shopping Guides | 0 comments

5 Natural Tips To Improve Baby Sleep At Night


Sleep is often a concern I hear from mums. It’s exhausting and tiring when baby is unsettled particularly at night time. Sleep is essential for bubs for their development and growth, as their brain & body is rapidly developing in the first 2 years.

Sleep difficulties for bub means sleep deprivation for mum, leading to fatigue and exhaustion for many new parents. I remember feeling very restless through the day due to waking up several times at night to settle my son. Sleeping through the night felt like a dream! I wish I knew more about these tips to support baby’s sleep.

Check out amazing 5 natural tips to assist your baby’sleep making it relaxing & restful for both bub and you.

Love & Light,

Anasua Roy,

Founder, Mum Ok Baby Ok

TIP 1# Breathable and soft Muslin Bamboo Blanket to regulate baby’s body temperature. 


Choose 100% Bamboo blankets to get baby comforted through the night. It’s breathable fabric will ensure that baby is feeling comfortable, without the risk of overheating or waking up of your baby. Bamboo blankets from Aden & Anais are natural, toxic free, lightweight and easily washable.


Tip 2# Massaging Baby will help relax bub’s muscles and assisting in good sleep

Massaging baby has always been traditionally valued as supporting bub’s growth. Massage ritual with naturally divine organic massage oil, like from Little Innoscents is ideal for a relaxed bonding time with baby before sleep. Gentle touch from massage soothes baby and has a calming impact from natural aroma of spearmint and orange, getting baby more ready for sleep. It will relax your prepare more and prep for more rest in sleep. Learn more about Little Innoscents Baby Oil by clicking below.


Tip 3# Swaddling baby with organic muslin Swaddle to help baby feel secure during sleep


Following birth, babies are in the process of adjusting to the outside world; its a journey of transitioning from being inside the protection of the womb for 9 months into mother earth. Swaddling will give bubs a sense of security and warmth, just like in the womb!  Organic muslin swaddles from Aden & Anais & Bamboo Swaddles from RAPT Swaddle are soft, breathable and lightweight. Easy to wrap around baby for a beauty sleep. You will notice the relaxation as soon as bub is swaddled, comforting them to good quality sleep.


Tip 4# High Absorbent Nappy will ensure baby remains dry through the night. 

Nothing feels more frustrating for mum and bub than waking up in the middle of the night to a leaking nappy. Highly absorbent nappies like Moltex nappies have amazing soaking ability, keeps baby comforted and dry all night. Moltex nappies will prevent disruption to baby feeling uncomfortable or waking up often and will save you the frustration to doing nappy change after nappy change in the middle of the night. Safe to use with bubs with eczema or skin rash as its fragrance free and toxic free.


Tip# Non-toxic Pacifier will soothe teething discomfort and satisfy sucking behavior.

Babies naturally have sucking tendency for feeding. Discomfort from teething could also disrupt sleep and choosing a pacifier made with natural rubber like from Hevea, will keep those gums relaxed making it easier for bub to rest at night. This orthodontic dummy is non-toxic made with 100% natural rubber and is soothing for your baby. Keeps bub settled and calm, relaxing their gums. Strong and durable through baby’s teething and bites. Discover more benefits of Hevea Pacifier by clicking on the link below


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