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5 benefits of using glass baby bottles

By on May 16, 2017 in Blog, Health | 0 comments


Choosing the right baby bottles could often be a dilemma for most parents. It’s an essential use for baby’s milk, whether formula or expressing breast milk. Often mums tend to worry about using glass bottles over plastic bottles. Here is a great opportunity to learn 5 important benefits of using Hevea glass bottles, for happy feeding times with your baby, adding convenience to your daily routine in caring for your bub’s growing needs.

Hygienic & Durable: Hevea Glass Baby Bottle is made from the highest quality, thermal, shock-resistant 100% borosilicate glass. Glass bottles are easier to clean and maintain its high quality. Baby’s milk tastes fresh everytime, keeping your baby happy. Highly hygienic, due to the smooth and non-porous surface

BPA Free: Hevea glass bottles are free of harmful toxins & chemicals, including Free of BPA, phthalate free & PVC. This ensures protection for your baby in every feed. A small amount of BPA has been shown to damage hormonal systems in males and females, contributing to reproductive diseases and cancer and there is a always a risk of BPA leach from plastic bottles. Glass bottles donot affect the taste of milk and preserve natural flavor of milk. The bottles are also anti-colic, and prevents oxidation of breast milk

Natural Rubber Cover & Rubber Teets: To help the little ones hold on to it, there is a natural rubber cover which not only helps the baby to grab the bottle easily but also helps the bottle from becoming slippery.It comes with a natural rubber nipple, screw thread, cap and dust cover. The 100% natural rubber nipple is size 0+ (milk & water), is softer than silicone and very resistant to teething & bites.

Heat Resistant: Glass baby bottles are Heat resistant, dishwasher safe. Its easy to sterilize, via steam or boiling. Markings on glass bottles also do not fade compared to those in plastic bottles. keeps milk at the desired temperature, making feeding times satiating for little tummies.

Environment Friendly: Additional bonus being Glass bottles can be easily recycled endlessly without chemicals processing compared to plastic, making it more environment friendly. As a parent, you will feel re-assured due to the non-toxic nature of glass bottles.

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