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3 Important Benefits Of Choosing Organic Clothing For Babies.

By on Oct 16, 2017 in Baby Wear, Blog, Shopping Guides | 1 comment

3 Important Benefits Of Choosing Organic Clothing For Babies.


Touch is an important sense: there aren’t many of us can resist the sensation of a soft, comfi clothing. For babies, touch is even more significant. While their other senses are underdeveloped, the sensitivity of their skin is up to 10 times greater than ours.

That’s why it is important to dress your baby in clothes that are made from soft materials, which feel good against their skin.

You will  find a range of beautifully designed baby clothes, made from skin-friendly, organically grown cotton, in our Mum Ok Baby Ok organic store.

Organic cotton is the perfect material for baby clothes. Here are the top 3 important benefits we believe your baby will receive with organic clothing compared to generic clothing.

No.1: Free of Harsh toxins and chemicals.

organic clothing are 100% natural fibre, is harvested and manufactured without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, synthetic dyes or chemicals. This makes it safe and pure for clothing in infancy, when bub’s skin is most delicate. This reduces risk of skin allergies or any rash from developing.

No. 2: long-lasting and textile softens with every wash

there is risk in generic clothing to get more rough with every wash. Organic baby clothes on the other hand get softer with every wash, while retaining its premium quality. In the first years of baby, clothes need regular washing. organic clothes ensure durable fabric and longevity through daily usage for baby’s care.


No. 3: Organic clothing manufacturing has a low environmental impact.

If you are conscious of the environment, this would have a strong meaning to you. Organic clothing is created under strict organic conditions, which is more protective of our precious environment than a negative impact to our precious nature. GOTS certified cotton ensures its purest in it’s texture, nurturing baby’s sensitive bodies with care and comfort.

Discover our beautiful brands of organic clothing at Mum Ok Baby Ok from Niovi Organics, Dandelion and Anarkid. Get rompers and bodysuits in a variety of prints and colors from birth to 18 months. Visit Organic Store Here.

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