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3 Advantages of Osteopath When Pregnant- By Dr. Sharon Franklin, Osteopath at Northshore Osteopath, Sydney

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3 Advantages of Osteopath When Pregnant- By Dr. Sharon Franklin, Osteopath at Northshore Osteopath, Sydney

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By Dr. Sharon Franklin, Osteopath
The fundamental principle of osteopathy is to use a hands-on approach to diagnosis and treatment, focusing especially on areas distant to the pain site that may be causing the pain or influential in recovery.

Osteopaths will use a variety of techniques to work with the body to achieve pain resolution and improve how the body functions overall, thereby working towards greater health and less risk of recurrence of the same issue.

It is important to remember that osteopathy is not an alternative to medical treatment; instead, it works well alongside medicine as a complementary healthcare approach.

How can osteopaths help pregnant women? Here are some ways.

To help relieve pregnancy-related pains:
Osteopathic treatment while pregnant can ease some of the symptoms typically associated with pregnancy like aches and pains (back pain, neck and shoulder pain, and muscular tension), groin, lower abdominal pain or pubic symphystic pain, nausea and vomiting, heartburn and sciatica.

For sound pregnancy-related advice:
An Osteopath can provide advice on breathing techniques, stretches and exercise you can do to maintain your health and wellbeing throughout your pregnancy. Rather than rely on research and readings, it is always good to have the actual expert in front of you to personally teach you the proper things to do.

They also help both the mother and baby to recover after birth:
Birth (including by cesarian section)is a very active process that involves lots of movement and large forces. This can cause issues for both Mum and baby, whether it’s pelvic pain or shoulder pain for Mum, or baby having difficulty latching on or favouring one side. Gentle and effective osteopathic treatment can help both mum and bub be more comfortable as well as more balanced. Headaches and neck pain from breastfeeding and sleep deprivation also respond well to osteopathic treatment .

Also, after birth the baby can suffer long lasting effects from the moulding process of birth, and a check-up with an osteopath is highly recommended.

By Sharon Franklin

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